Doodle your way into the Animation Industry

After seeing the large number of applicants to AISFM’s Bachelor’s in Animation + VFX course, we had a quick chat with Vivek Pandey, Faculty for Animation, about what the course entails and what skills a student needs to possess to excel in it.

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Course spotlight: Bachelor’s in Film + Media


Admissions-for-Master- FilmmakingThis is one course that we are really excited about. Why? Because until now, one of the top problems in Indian film education has been the lack of real, graduation-level programs.

Picture this: A student finishes her 12th standard and starts deciding on a degree for her graduation. She loves cinema and wants to build a career in the industry, but (uh oh) no film school in India offers degrees in this field.

Her options are:

  1. Study mass comm or mass media, even though these courses lack technical training, so she will have to take another course afterwards.
  2. Study a filmmaking certificate course and skip her graduation.
  3. Study something unrelated, like engineering, and look at filmmaking later.

All of these are terrible options, as they don’t give the student what she needs: a real, full-time graduation degree AND enough practical training in filmmaking to begin a career in the industry.

Enter AISFM!

As a non-profit, we are all about tackling problems head-on! We’ve spent the last two years working with the government and representatives of central and state governments to secure accreditation for India’s first bachelor’s program in filmmaking.

The BFA (Film + Media)

What does the course look like?

  • American-style, four-year graduation degree
  • First year is common and covers all aspects of filmmaking
  • Second and third years focus on a specialization
  • Fourth year is industry experience and projects
  • Combines hands-on filmmaking with a broad liberal arts education that includes psychology, philosophy, literature and more

Which filmmaking specializations are available?

  • Directing + Screenwriting
  • Editing + Sound
  • Cinematography
  • Producing

We have worked to keep the course as affordable as possible. Being a non-profit, 100% of the student fees are retained within the school. This means that we can offer the course for per-year fees that are a quarter of the cost of overseas film schools and half the cost of some Indian film schools.

The complete curriculum is available here:

Admission details

Admissions are open now and the course starts in August (yes, next month!)

To get more details, call us on 040 4914 1234, email or fill the form here.