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The ZooZoo legacy keeps rolling on

They came about during IPL’s second season in 2009. They kept coming back each year after that to rekindle their love with the IPL. Yes, we are talking about the Vodafone ZooZoos.

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War of the Worlds: Coke, Pepsi and a cosmic smackdown

When Coke and Pepsi decided to go to war the world held its breath. The two corporate juggernauts traded blows and their marketing team became pugilists par excellence. Suchetana Bauri walks the battlefield. [Read more…]

Advertisers may have the wrong end of the stick when it comes to women

Advertisers rightly believe that the real purchasing power in a household lies with women. Then why are they so patronizing towards them, asks Suchetana Bauri. [Read more…]

When ads get animated

Last week Apple launched its first ever animated ad campaign for the iPhone 5c in its bid to reach out to a mainstream audience. Suchetana Bauri looks at some of the top animated ads. [Read more…]

Shoan Shinde offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the Art Industry

Shoan Shinde, the founder of the famous Turmeric Earth, on being an entrepreneur and the vast business possibilities of the Indian art industry.  [Read more…]

Lasts long, really long! Ting Tong!

Think of car batteries and we immediately think of Amaron. Ritika Saxena tracks the journey from Amara Raja to Amaron.  [Read more…]

The movers and shakers of the Advertising Industry

On International Women’s Day, Ritika Saxena takes a look at some of the women who shaped the Advertising Industry.  [Read more…]

Graffiti ads: The writing’s on the wall!

Today, as multiplexes and brands lose their shine and towns and cities start to look the same, graffiti ad logos have come to represent individuality. Suchetana Bauri finds out how graffiti and advertising come together to celebrate art and to serve consumers [Read more…]

Super ads #1 The Cog


Year: 2003

Country: UK

Client: Honda

Product: Honda Accord

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy (USA)

Concept and filming: Partizan Midi-Minuit (France)

Post-production: The Mill (USA)

Cost: £1 million

Cog is a British television and cinema advertisement launched by Honda in 2003 to promote the seventh-generation Accord line of cars. It follows the convention of a Rube Goldberg machine, utilizing a chain of colliding parts taken from a disassembled Accord.