All so font’astic

India’s most prolific designers come together on a single platform, Typoday, to discuss innovation in Typography. Prof Ravi Poovaiah from the Indian Design Centre, IIT Bombay, speaks to AISFM on Typoday, future of the industry and more It all began eight years ago, as a passion; a passion for … [Read more...]

How Studio Ghibli transformed AISFM for a week


Our Animation students teamed up with the Film Club for a film festival dedicated to movies from Studio Ghibli. And the fans came in droves. … [Read more...]

The top apps that every amateur animator should have


Whether you’re an homegrown animator or an animation student, here are some apps that you just must have to take your creations to the next level. … [Read more...]

Understanding animation: A visual breakdown

Animation plays a big part in our lives, whether you realize it or not! This infographic shows a range of animations we come into contact with on a daily basis. … [Read more...]

Doodle your way into the Animation Industry


After seeing the large number of applicants to AISFM’s Bachelor’s in Animation + VFX course, we had a quick chat with Vivek Pandey, Faculty for Animation, about what the course entails and what skills a student needs to possess to excel in it. … [Read more...]

The people who rule the global animation industry

Animation is a booming industry across the globe. Ritika Saxena profiles the people who make it one of the most creative and innovative spaces in the world. … [Read more...]

Why the Indian animation industry needs to up its game?

There is still a possibility for the Indian animation to redeem itself, writes Suchetana Bauri, but all will be lost if it doesn’t sharpen its business skills. … [Read more...]

How anime came to define Japanese animation

Japanese animation has never been more popular than it is now. Suchetana Bauri discovers the secret behind the art of anime from the Land of the Rising Sun.   … [Read more...]

When ads get animated

Last week Apple launched its first ever animated ad campaign for the iPhone 5c in its bid to reach out to a mainstream audience. Suchetana Bauri looks at some of the top animated ads. … [Read more...]

The life and times of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is arguably the most famous animated creature ever but his rise to this pinnacle wasn't always smooth. This infograph marks out the trials and tribulations of the world's most famous rodent. … [Read more...]