How a degree in filmmaking can change your life

The media and entertainment industry in India has grown exponentially in the past decade. According to a Deloitte report, our country alone produces the most number of movies in the world, between 1,500 and 2,000 every year in over 20 languages. This is far more than the 700 or so films made in the USA and Canada annually.

This statistic is predicted to rise even higher with an increasing number of people taking interest in joining the industry and advertising revenues rising like never before. Thus, a degree in filmmaking seems like a great idea. Here are reasons why you should definitely consider it.

1. You can watch your ideas play out in front of the world!

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No other field offers you such a chance to manifest your ideas so that they become larger than ever. Creating something that everyone can globally appreciate brings you satisfaction like no other! With the right equipment, camera angles, and other factors, your vision can be projected onto the big screen exactly as you thought of it! With specializations like directing, editing, script writing, and cinematography, you can pick your field of interest and excel in it.

2. Your career opportunities will be dynamic and challenging:

According to the above mentioned Deloitte report, the Indian film industry is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 11%, reaching US $3.7 bn by 2020. Such fast growth provides potentially unlimited opportunities for those wishing to make their name in this industry.

Most of us who grew up watching television and movies have, at some point or another, harbored the desire to work in the industry as a director, writer, or cinematographer- to show our ideas to people across the world. Many of us have also dreamt of working alongside the biggest names of the entertainment industry.

Very few workplaces can be said to be truly challenging to the mind and interesting at the same time. The world of films is one of them.

3. You can explore until you find what you like to do:

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Explore all the nuances of the world of filmmaking before you choose one!
An increasingly popular trend these days is to explore and find your niche in alternative cinema. Many popular filmmakers are doing this presently, including Dibakar Banerjee, Anurag Kashyap, and Anand Gandhi. If you are someone who wishes to explore the world of filmmaking and learn about other kinds of films along with commercial blockbusters, you can explore until you are ready to understand where your ‘zone’ in the film and media world lies.

As a filmmaking student, you will learn everything that will help you execute your innermost ideas using lesser-known and powerful techniques. These techniques are available across fields like directing, script writing, editing, cinematography, and more.

4. People will always be willing to be entertained:

Times may change and trends may come & go but people will always want to be entertained. Cinema will always shine as a beacon of hope and light for those who wish to feel connected to stories, and discover themselves from the eyes of different characters.

Right from ancient times, people have had a soft spot to watch performing arts, and filmmaking is the latest medium to do so. Therefore, your degree in filmmaking will be your ticket to a career that will always be in demand.

5. You will make plenty of professional contacts to help you later:


The contacts you make during your filmmaking degree will be there throughout your career!
Everything you learn while creating films is completely hands-on, i.e., what you learn always stays with you, no matter where you go. For such industries, it is essential to experience more and more, while also creating and maintaining professional contacts.

Whether you are interested in directing, editing, or script writing for movies, a degree in filmmaking will go a long way in helping you maintain proper networks and good relations in this industry, which is very important. The faculty can also give you invaluable advice, as many of them have experience in the industry themselves and can guide you toward the right contacts.

The film and media industry is a great place for you to grow as an individual. There is a lot more mystery in the film and media industry, and there is almost certainly something out there that is the perfect fit for your ideas. Along with learning the core and advanced concepts of filmmaking, you will also become efficient in developing creative ideas and following them through till completion.

Can you think of any more ways that a filmmaking degree can change your life for the better? Let us know in the comments below!

New-age career options

New generation, new choices, new gadgets, new learnings and new career options. What was amiss until a decade ago or what didn’t even exist until recently is now the latest and newest career options for this generation’s young and charged individuals who are gung-ho about anything that catches their attention.

Something that has changed the world drastically was the internet and now is the social media; adding a whole new world of possibilities and jobs. These modern jobs have now spread and become a part of the upcoming trend in the job market. What’s more, these top-tier careers offer great salaries, low stress and great job growth!

Here is a mix of some of the newest, popular and trending career options; the world has to offer, right now.


App developers
Who doesn’t own a smart phone nowadays, forget the regular one? Everyone! Considering the surge, mobile revolution is huge and the wave of app development with innovative and creative ideas is on the rise. App development companies now exist within the country and so do talented and quality app developers, churning out the newest of ideas, oops app!


Web creative writers
This is one profession that has the highest potential to reach the highest exposure and wider audience. The best part, it need not be within the confines of an office. There are people who work from home for this, people who freelance and people who regularly go to work, for putting their wordsmith skills to the task. All one needs to do is write well and the world is but a virtual one here!


Wedding photographers
Weddings have, are and always will be the most extravagant, eye-catching and memorable affair in the country. Gone are the days, when the guests wished the couple and stared blankly into oblivion while the photographer stoically took the photos. It’s now the age of candid wedding photography, theme wedding photography; you name it and you have it.

You have an opinion, you share it and get paid for it. Many companies, especially the online ones, pay people to review restaurants, hotels, gadgets and other things. Because it makes a difference in their online rating and because people like to check the reviews of anything before they buy, eat or indulge themselves. 


Social media handlers
The virtual arena of the internet is yours as much as you can take and social media has the biggest and brightest chunk of it all. The most trending, happening, attention-grabbing things, all happen to be in the social media sphere. Everyone who wants to be someone or someone who wants to let everyone know are on social media. This growing popularity has led to the rise of social media handlers who are in high demand for marketing products, companies and much more in the digital space.


Digital marketers
Digital marketing is another area that is fast emerging as one of the popular options in the age of the modern corporate era. It helps companies stay ahead and above the rest by utilizing the commercial perspective of modern digital media. Borrowing a lot from the functions of traditional marketing, this platform continues its upward trend. With more and more companies shifting their focus to digital marketing strategies, there is lots of scope in this industry.


Ethical hackers
Ethical hackers do it the right way, legally too. They are paid to hack company accounts legally so that the organisations can identify the flaws in their systems and take necessary and adequate measures to rectify them. Ethical hacking or internet security is a job for those who love to spend hours on computers and have a penchant for software.


Website designers
The whole wide world now exists in the web, too! Everything is taking a digital form and practically everyone wants their presence on it. That’s where web designers come into the picture, creating the perfect ‘space’ for the customer depending on their needs and of course the price!


It’s one of the latest and most popular, erstwhile hobbies, jobs on the corner that is growing. It is a hobby no more, it is now officially a full-fledged career option and the next big thing in India too. Not just restricted to popular topics like food and travel, it can be about anything you think should be out there in the blogosphere. All it needs is originality, ingenuity, creativity and of course credibility. That’s the power of the written word!

Image consultants
Image consultants do everything they can to keep the image the way it is supposed to be. They work for people in the show business and offer guidance in everything to make the public image absolutely spotless. You need to have a knack for the finery of life to take up this as a career path.

Stand-up comedians
This one’s for the comedian in you, albeit the great one and a professional one at that! No pun intended! These professionals are not just tickling senses and offering a hearty laugh with their witty jokes but are also pocketing good money. Although at a nascent stage, they do have their share of audience. Who doesn’t want a good share of laughter?! 


Graphic designers
This one is a classic example of combining art and technology perfectly! This art and creativity job has found popularity among job seekers since graphics today are a part of practically everything we see, buy or sell, be it a commercial advertisement or buying a product.

So, these new-age careers may not come with set guidelines but they definitely have the perks and added advantages of independence and job satisfaction. So, identify your passion and hit the road less travelled!