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The articles written by Dean Williams — Blog

How to become a top-notch civic reporter

There are very few reporting beats that can have an immediate and palpable impact; civic reporting is one of them. Dean Williams tells us how to create the ultimate civic report.

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The art of reporting 1: Crime

Every rookie reporter wants to join the crime beat. But the long hours and heinous nature of most crime means not everyone’s cut out for it. Dean Williams tells you everything you need to know…well almost.

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Times change but the songs remain the same

Dean Williams pays tribute to Malik Bendjelloul, who died this week, by introducing you to the best music documentaries ever made. Turn the volume up, these must be played loud!

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This film’s a complete disaster!

With Pompeii promising to burn at the Box Office like a flaming river of molten lava, Dean Williams looks at the perfect recipe for a successful disaster film [Read more…]

Love a scene? Now hum the tune!

Dean Williams takes a look at the songs that have played a starring role in their scenes. [Read more…]

The top film robots of all-time

As the Robocop reboot threatens to have everyone under house arrest next week, Dean Williams thinks it’s about the right time to discuss the greatest robots ever to grace the screen. [Read more…]

The greatest love stories, ever

As the Kate Winslet tear-jerker Labor Day gets set to open in cinemas this Friday, Dean Williams takes a look at the greatest love stories ever. So get those tissues ready and be prepared to berate your partner. [Read more…]