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How to maximize your Facebook marketing and what to do when it goes wrong

Facebook has come in leaps and bounds as a marketing tool, and it can be an amazing one at that. But there are times when it just doesn’t click. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

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Managing your social media just got easier

As social media platforms get churned out like butter, it’s getting harder to manage them all. But all is not as bleak as it may seem to your sleep-deprived brain. Here are some social media management tools that will ease your burden…until the next lot of platforms come out, at least.

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Bollywood takes its movies to market, and finds a digital diamond in the traditional rough

Today movie marketing is as important as the film itself. Ritika Saxena charts the evolution of film marketing in Bollywood and finds that the battle for hearts and minds had just begun. [Read more…]

How to integrate social media into your marketing strategy

Social Media marketing is critical to the success of most businesses, but what is the best way to spend limited resources? Suchetana Bauri gives you 5 tips that will enable marketing heads to achieve cross-media synergy with social media. [Read more…]

10 digital marketing words you must know

From SEO to CPC, digital marketing has more daunting abbreviations and acronyms than a Nasa launch vehicle. But abandon all fear as we give you the ones you really need to know.   [Read more…]

When Digital brands turn to tradition for help

While in the West, big digital brands almost never advertise using traditional media, in India the top e-retail brands are shelling out big bucks on newspaper and TV ads. Ritika Saxena reports. [Read more…]

How Indian films learned to stop worrying and love the Digital Age

Social media has become a powerful tool for production houses, hoping that this cheap mode of marketing can boost the chances of a film’s success. Ritika Saxena reports. [Read more…]

The 10 most common blog-writing mistakes

If you’re wondering why your blog isn’t gaining the traction you would like, then you’re probably making a few cardinal errors. This infograph breaks down what can go horribly wrong in a blog post, and why you’re most likely making those very mistakes.  [Read more…]

How to hire smart for digital talent — ITBusiness

According to a recent survey, seven out of 10 executives have trouble finding employees with the right skills. Michelle Pellettier reports on a worrying trend and how you can rectify it. [Read more…]

Top Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in 2014 — B2C

Leslie Jenkins lists a few social media trends that will boost your campaign strategies this year. And don’t miss the cool infograph at the bottom that tells you all you need to know about digital marketing. [Read more…]