Is the camera your best friend? Make it your career buddy with a photography degree

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Photography is one the most overwhelming forms of expression and communication. It plays a pivotal role in accomplishing one's creative vision. Whether it’s an amateur desiring to narrate a story, an entrepreneur hoping to sell a product or a hobbyist aspiring to capture the beauty of the … [Read more...]

10 important tips for travel photographers

The buzz word on social media these days is ‘travel photography’. Colourful shots of picturesque locales stare at you, the moment you log into your social media profile. Your friends, family and acquaintances who own a DSLR become travel junkies and display a sudden love for photography. It all … [Read more...]

How to shoot video like a pro with your DSLR

Don’t worry if you can’t afford a swanky video camera, your DSLR will do just fine! Follow these tips from the experts and you should be shooting high quality flicks in no time at all. … [Read more...]

Great Content Marketers in Disguise: Philip Bloom — Explore B2B

Content marketers that you may not have heard of — or maybe that you never thought of as “content marketers,” are the best to prove that one can achieve success where other marketing methods crash and burn, writes  Jonathan Gebauer. … [Read more...]