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MMBA, A Specialized MBA for the Media Industry


A career in Media and Entertainment is indeed very promising. Want to know why?

  • Over the next five years, the industry is poised to grow at an average annual growth rate of 11-12%​
  • By 2022, total employment across the industry is expected to be 6-6.5 million from the estimated 3.5-4 million in 2017.

With ​myriad emerging options​ and career tracks​ to choose from; like ​Over The Top (OTT), ​Print Media,​ Out of Home (OOH), Animation, VFX, Film Business, Music Industry, TV Broadcasting,​ Publishing, Online Media and other electronic media – the Media ​+​ ​Entertainment domain is a multitude of opportunities for professionals ​and potential aspirants.

What some of the industry professionals have to say about how a specialized MBA in Media and Entertainment, makes all the difference!

Shobu Yarlagadda, Producer of Bahubali:
The industry is evolving rapidly, the way we produce films and the way we manage and market films is changing very fast. And there is a need for people with good management skills, good strategy and good communication skills. Students with an MMBA background will be an ideal choice for a production office like ours.

Akkineni Nagarjuna, Film star:
Entertainment business management in India has been unorganized for the most part. As the business is growing more and more diverse; studios, production companies and media companies are experiencing a serious skill gap. This results in the increase in demand for trained professionals. To meet this demand, a MMBA program, a unique inter-disciplinary program, spanning across both business and media is the solution. MMBA graduates master the conventional business subjects as well as media and entertainment subjects, a winning combo, which makes them, survive and succeed in the fast growing media industry.


Jeffery Hardy, Founder of Film Profit, Hollywood:
I think business side of the business is obviously what I focus my life on. The business side of business is what makes everything run well. You can’t just think about only the creative side. You have to do good production, you have to have them well managed, you have to do good distribution, you have to look for every opportunity in the market place, you have to manage it well, manage relationships with distributors, exhibitors, with everyone.

More people need to focus on it because we need people who can run good productions, who can run good distribution companies and really understand this business, not just from a creative point-of-view or personal desire point-of-view, but from a business point-of-view; only they will make the business work well.

Kandaswamy Bharathan, Producer of Roja:
The Indian film, media and entertainment industry has witnessed remarkable transformation in the last 5 years. This industry has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 12% per annum as compared to India’s national GDP growth of about 7.5 % per annum. What this means is that there is a huge demand for trained creative technical and management professionals in this fast growing industry.

Smitha Sasidaran, Programming Head, Fever 94.3 FM:
The entertainment industry is really vast, be it radio, music, film, fine arts; so I think there is a great opportunity for everyone in this field. To sell creativity, now you have convergents of different media. Selling creativity is the biggest challenge and if it is academically taught, then the industry is more than happy to welcome them.

Understanding who are your stakeholders and consumers is very important; if you don’t understand that, then you are missing out on many opportunities. So, a specialized academic program is definitely helpful.

Kishore Kedari, Business Development, International Distribution, Arka Media Works:
MBA schools prepare the students in understanding the business, process as well as the organization structure of the industry. We need a specialization to an extent where we are offering courses exclusive to each and every aspect of film production. MMBA is not only going to give a broader prospective of the production, but also the business aspects related to the media and entertainment.


Top Reasons to Apply:

  • Pursue a unique course that will fast-track you into the film, TV and other emerging+allied creative industries.
  • Practice and undertake production inside a Live studio environment in the heart of Hyderabad.
  • Produce a ‘Graduate Film’ and gain complete work experience (internship project) at a major media firm.
  • Study the course that is designed and delivered by top industry experts from Indian and global industries.
  • Participate in a series of Film Markets, Film Festivals, Industry Conferences, Master Classes and Guest Lectures.
  • ​Partner with business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs providing an endless pool of potential associates/producers and employers.
  • Profit from the MoU between AISFM & JNTU-Hyderabad, a first of its kind University and Industry Collaborative Program, leading to our certified professional post-graduate degree, MMBA.

Want to know more about our unique MMBA course in detail, watch our MMBA FB Panel Discussion: https://goo.gl/pUQrhc

Want a quick overview of what MMBA is, watch this MMBA Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfmbBWQyLbY


Brief Profile of the author: MNVVK Chaitanya
In his current role, MNVVK Chaitanya provisions academic advisory by means of curriculum design, development and delivery for the MMBA course. In addition to undertaking teaching, industry interface and project supervision; all aimed at creating an India based research plus teaching agenda in media & entertainment business and management areas.
In the immediate past, at KSK Energy Group, he conceptualized and implemented twenty different OD, talent management, leadership, employee engagement and policy designinterventions. ​

Source Credits: According to the report published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) titled ‘Media & Entertainment: The Nucleus of India’s Creative Economy—Unleashing the Talent Tsunami to Drive Growth.’

Digital Domain: Leading Hollywood VFX Company visits AISFM!


Digital Domain, is known for VFX on about 200 blockbuster Hollywood movies like “Titanic”, “Maleficent”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Iron Man 3”, “TRON: Legacy”, “Furious 7”, “Pixels”, “2012” and many more. Providing an exciting new future in storytelling and content creation technology, from Digital Domain; Austin Armus, Director – Business Services Integration, Lala Gavgavian – Vice President, Human Resources/Recruiting/Training, and Sudhir Reddy – Head of Digital Studio (India) were at the campus addressing the students along side Bala Raj (Dean, Academics) and Amala Akkineni (Hon. Director, AISFM).


The Master Class included the representatives of Digital Domain showing us their work reels as an introduction to display their creative techniques and talking about the content that they have been making. The session then commenced from being an introduction to turning into a informative Q/A between the representatives and the students.

As VFX is one of the most indulged courses at the institute, art/animation enthusiasts were present amongst the students and faculty members. During the Q/A, the concerned representatives, according to their expertise, answered questions put up by the students in depth. With a vast number of movies in their roaster, they have worked with the best of the directors in the industry including Steven Spielberg.

Talking about the rapid pace at which the technology is evolving, Digital Domain mentioned that they fully utilised the potential of the advancement in their equipment, over the years. With High Definition viewing, HD has also paved it’s way for VFX and animated content to be seen by the audiences in HD.

As they plan to expand to India, working alongside the offices in Los Angeles and Vancouver they want to diversify in terms of creativity by having a presence in different countries. Austin also spoke about the scale of planning and collaboration with the director that goes into the pre/post production stage before they start on a film project.


As technology is advancing day-to-day, Digital Domain tries to keep up with the best technical resources to get the desired output for their films/commercials. As high definition viewing has become necessary for the quality of the product, Digital Domain has expanded to areas of Virtual Reality, and are currently working on movies made especially for VR.

Founded in 1993, Digital Domain is one of the largest and most influential visual effects studios in the world. The company and its artists have produced industry-leading work for movies, commercials, video games, music videos, concerts, and virtual reality projects. The company has been at the forefront of innovation for over two decades and pioneered the creation of internationally famous Digital Performers including Virtual 2Pac (the “Coachella Hologram”) and Teresa Teng. Digital Domain was also a co-producer on the feature film “Ender’s Game”.

During that time, its artists have earned multiple Academy Awards in the Visual Effects and Technical Award categories. Digital Domain has evolved in its artistry to hundreds of commercials, video games, and music videos, from “Become Legend” game trailers, to Nike’s virtual reality “The Neymar Jr. Effect”, to the ground-breaking Ronda Rousey fight trailer “Revolution” for the UFC.

From setups in California and Vancouver, including its own state-of-the-art performance capture studio, Digital Domain continues a tradition of creating extraordinary imagery and productions for entertainment and advertising purposes.

Throwback to the best TV shows #2016 had to offer!


As the year moves towards the end, we witnessed some great T.V. shows that made an exceptional mark on the binge-viewers and the critics, this year. Let the binge watching begin (if it still hasn’t) because this list is a must-watch for all before 2016 ends.

1) Stranger Things (2016): The best Netflix original so far, this show is as good as the word of mouth on it. Created by the duo named The Duffer Brothers, it is a love letter to the supernatural classics of the 80s. The show deserves a fresh viewing point with no plot line information, no spoilers here. Stranger Things is pitch perfect in just about every way, 8 episodes comprising the 1st season. Start with the first episode, you’ll be hooked. Guaranteed!


2) The Night Of (2016): This HBO eight-part crime drama mini-series can take you on an intense journey of the events that followed a particular night. With incredible acting performances, spot-on casting and a gripping story line. A mini-series with eight tense episodes got over far too quickly. So keep your eyes out for this one as HBO has and will always deliver quality content.


3) Westworld (2016): Another HBO series inspired about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings. This isn’t a typical amusement park, looked after by robotic “hosts” allowing visitors to live out their fantasies without any consequences. With 10 episodes, the show has picked up serious trending over the last few weeks for its weekly episodes and the exceptional season finale. You don’t want to miss out on this one, either.


4) The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016): 9 Emmy’s, 22 Nominations, Outstanding Limited Series winner. The show rotates around the infamous O. J. Simpson murder case. With spot on casting! Capturing realism with accurate details and facts. If you love courtroom drama and connecting the dots of an unusual investigation, this should be the one to be getting hooked to.


5) Narcos (Season 2)(2016): Netflix to the rescue, once again. Narcos has proved that we are living in the golden age of T.V series. It is exciting, well paced and does complete justice to the accurate portrayal of Pablo Escobar, unfolding his rights, his wrongs and the reasons leading to them. As the Season 2 was out this year, it is a must watch. The impressive production, dark feels and real insights can actually make you subscribe to Netflix.


6) The Crown (2016): The Crown revolves around the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her wedding in 1947 to the present day. The first season depicts 1947-1955. The timeline will last till 6 seasons through the course of time. With positive critical acclaim, this is another new addition to the shows that may grow and become something really special.


7) This is Us (2016): Looking for a family show? This new NBC drama has one of the most promising pilots ever. As a family drama, it manages to stand out in its storytelling and can pleasantly surprise you. So for a feel good show, and to get in touch with your emotional side, this is a perfect pick from 2016.


8) Luke Cage (2016): A marvel fanatic? After Daredevil and Jessica Jones, an addition made to this superhero saga was Luke Cage. A realistic approach in storytelling is one its biggest strengths. If you have followed Daredevil or Jessica Jones, Luke Cage should be a priority on the list.


An end is always a new beginning. With the year ending, it has proven to be a solid beginning for some exceptional T.V viewing experiences in many genres. The bar is set way up and high, let’s see if #2017 can match it or better, exceed it.

“Understand industry trends and strategies”


A Guest Lecture was conducted at AISFM recently and Lukup Media, which is in the business of operating Live TV, on-demand TV platform and broadband services, was invited to share its thoughts on the media industry.

K Vamshi Krishna, Manager – Distribution of Lukup Media, shared information about the company’s product and speaking to us about the latest trends of the industry said that business development plays a major role in electronic media in acquiring rights to telecast exclusive content to viewers. He further added that “the TRP rating would rise and this is possible with partnerships with broadcasters or any other content provider. Print media has to rely more on sales to increase their subscriber base to get maximum hold in the market and this is only possible through direct marketing and sales to end customer.”

He also added that “in the media and entertainment industry as you need to drive both innovation and efficiency embracing new approaches in marketing, distribution, technology and operations; I suggest you get more understanding about the trends and strategies, to have more exposure which helps in generating best ideas. It is better to do a live project on any company in introducing a strategy to maximise their potential in the market.”

Looking towards AISFM for talented individuals, he said, “Lukup Media is a start-up company and would definitely require qualified professionals with innovative ideas to present and position our product strategically in the market and we will surely consider AISFM students to work with us in the coming months.”