Celebrate This Diwali Differently

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A 2-Day Filmmaking Workshop: Vancouver Film School

Michael Baser (Head of Department, Writing for Film and Television), Bob Woolsey (Independent Film Maker), Rodger Cove (Senior Instructor, Feature Script / Character Essentials) from Vancouver Film School were at the AISFM Campus from 18th March, 2017 to 20th March, 2017 conducting a workshop for … [Read more...]

Graduation Ceremony of Filmmaking Short Course

Bringing them one step closer to their dream of pursuing their passion, was the graduation ceremony of our 2016 batch for the filmmaking (FFM) short course that was held at AISFM recently. Popular director, screenwriter and film producer Maruthi Dasari who is known for his films like Ee … [Read more...]

Vividh Ashok: “Never underestimate the power of Marketing”

There are two things in life: Something you are good at and something you want to do. Finding the perfect union between the two is what is going to take you further in life. Read on to know what else our MMBA student, Vividh Ashok had to say about his internship at Annapurna Studios for the … [Read more...]

“Define your own style”

Nassar is one of those rare actors who is well-known for his realistic portrayals in Indian films. The veteran film actor, director and producer, who has worked in the South Indian film industry for more than 30 years, visited AISFM recently. Nassar had made his acting debut in K. Balachander's … [Read more...]

From script to screen – learning the art of seamless transition

The third semester of the MA (Film + Media) course at AISFM is a hectic time for students. Deep in some of the most complex subjects of their specialization, they also prepare to produce their graduation films. And this year too, screenwriting students have been buried in their laptops, or … [Read more...]

Who said documentaries are boring? Here are some that will set your pulse racing

The Documentary is one of the most maligned genres in film, but there’s really no reason why that should be. … [Read more...]

From student to award-winning director: Akshat Sharma’s Parabolic curve


AISFM direction alumnus, Akshat Ajay Sharma may still be basking in the afterglow of winning the Best Director gong at the Mumbai Short Film Festival held recently, but with two more of his films showing at Vancouver Film Festival later this year, the future’s wide open. … [Read more...]

So what does an Assistant Director do?

Most of you probably know exactly what a Director does, but how many of you know an Assistant Director’s role? Here are 5 key jobs … [Read more...]

Location! Location! Location! An Assistant Director’s toughest task?

While there are myriad of tasks an Assistant Director has to do efficiently, scouting out locations is certainly one of the most pivotal when it comes to the success of a film. … [Read more...]