Cornell University Senior Faculty at AISFM Campus!


Ewa Bachminska – Senior Lecturer of Polish Language at Cornell University was at AISFM, conducting a Master Class followed by a German Film Screening for the Students.

Ewa Bachminska: A B.A. and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland to having a M.A. in Music (Jazz Studies) from Webster University, and even a M.A. in Spanish from St. Louis University. With education as a foundation to explore different fields, Ewa has passionately explored different fields and now can provide an expertise on them.

At AISFM, Ewa addressed the students at AISFM giving a presentation, which was followed by a German Film Screening. The film was called Good Bye, Lenin! (2003). Post the screening, there was a Q/A round where Ewa discussed the film with the students and discussed the various aspects of filmmaking affecting the film, and debating on what messages it was trying to give.


Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)

Ewa has also been attached to India in quite an interesting way. As Ewa, was working on her M.S. in Animal Science (with emphasis on animal welfare), conducted her research in India. Ewa has lived in India in the past (2008-2009). Also during her shorter visits here, Ewa volunteered with the anti-rabies program of the Blue Cross of Hyderabad (BCH). She was also bringing stray dogs to the BCH shelter to get them spayed or neutered within their animal birth control (ABC) program. Besides, she was helping treat street dogs.

The BCH veterinarians diagnosed the strays’ diseases for her and then she was giving the dogs medications or changing their bandages on the streets on a daily basis. In the past, she collaborated this way with Dr. Ajay Narkhede and recently with Dr. Raj Rao – two very dedicated veterinarians at the BCH. She would also like to mention a great veterinarian in Lingampally, Dr. Aruna Padala, who does a lot for stray dogs in the neighbourhood. Aruna also diagnosed stray dogs’ diseases for Ewa, gave them shots, checked on them, and all for free. Ewa considers herself to be very fortunate to collaborate with these veterinarians.

As the students at AISFM were interacting with Ewa, she had converted her Master Class into a very informative and formal discussion about the film with her and the students. She managed to provoke a thought in the students, and their questions were answered by her, thoroughly.

On being asked on the importance of education in any field, she said:

“Continuing education is an important part of my life. I think that many people have multiple interests, I just pursue them with degrees. It’s fun to study something different from what you do professionally. I’m driven by curiosity and I relax by changing my activities: from teaching languages to film appreciation to studying animal welfare.”

With her example, education can be a key to a lot of untouched directions in life. If you feel like you can try it out, you should. As we are educating ourselves everyday till the last day.