Winning at the ‘Game of Quotes’

You know you are a Game of Thrones fan when you end up saying winter is coming, despite the 40 degree summer heat. However, this is not the only one-liner that has caught on from the show. GoT is back with its sixth season and as expected, it is causing quite the stir on social media, breaking the … [Read more...]

‘GoT’ to love Game of Thrones!

From the past six years, the season of summer means the season of Game of Thrones, all thanks to David Benioff, D. B. Weiss and of course, George RR Martin. With its ever growing popularity, the show is probably the most popular TV series to have ever been aired. When anything gains such a mass … [Read more...]

Greatest television theme songs ever!

Each time anybody’s favourite TV show airs, the first thing most people do is sing its theme song at the top of their voice! Theme songs have a sort of magic to them that gets viewers hooked onto the show. Whichever fandom you may belong to, this list of theme songs definitely will get you going, … [Read more...]

Games of Thrones: Are these the best quotes so far?

Winter is coming. Actually, it’s already here! The Games of Thrones mania has taken over the Internet, dominated conversations and airtime.  The first five leaked episodes of Season 5 have become the most illegally downloaded episodes in history. But what makes GoT even more special, are the … [Read more...]