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Celebrate This Diwali Differently

A daughter’s moving tribute to her father

Director S Sukhdev’s daughter Shabnam was at AISFM to celebrate her father’s legacy. Suchetana Bauri reports. [Read more…]

Indian cinema’s shift in attitude towards autism

On International Autism Day, Suchetana Bauri looks at how autism is portrayed in Bollywood, and what are the implications and effects on Indian society. [Read more…]

The men and women who run India’s entertainment industry

They lie behind the scenes, but make no mistake these men and women are where the real power’s at. Ritika Saxena profiles the giants of our entertainment industry.

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20 in 2014!

Ritika Saxena digs into the treasure trove of movie classics and lists the movies that have turned twenty this year! [Read more…]

Situation critical: How the Internet destroyed the film critic

Where once there were film critics expounding on a film’s grammar, today there are witty guerilla critics playing the piper to millions across the Internet, and grammar be damned. Suchetana Bauri reports.

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Smashing through stereotypes, one role at a time

Bollywood is still coming to terms with the fact that women can be independent and self-sufficient. And though the change is glacial, it’s heartening that it’s taking place, writes Suchetana Bauri. [Read more…]

Bollywood’s timeless beauties who continue to enthral us

Ritika Saxena checks out the Bollywood actresses who were, and remain, the ultimate screen beauties. [Read more…]