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Indian films that got global recognition

colletaralThere is a whole world of home-grown lists about our favourite Indian flicks, ranging from the ones with artistic merit and critical acclaim to the films that were just ridiculously popular. For an Indian movie to make it onto any globally recognized list is a very big deal, which signals a whole different league of success. Here are some of those movies:



This film featured on Time Magazine’s list of 100 Best Films of all time. Time magazine called it “the soulfully romantic of the lot.” It tells the tale of a struggling poet and a prostitute, who ends up falling in love with the former, and helps him out in his work and his life.



The film was featured on IMDB “Top movies of all time” list. Even after 15 years, it still remains to be the Bollywood film with the most number of British actors in it.



IMDB’s “highest rated crime films” list included this Malyalam film at the 6th spot. This Jeethu Joseph directorial venture, follows the story of a family that must take desperate measures to save themselves from the clutches of the law after the son of the IG of police goes missing.



A critical and financial hit, this was Satyajeet Ray’s fourth feature film. It was called one of Ray’s most exquisite films, by critics. The film earned the 56th spot in the 1982 Sight & Sound critic’s poll. It follows the story of a zamindar (landlord), trying to uphold the family’s prestige despite facing economic adversity.



This Akshay Kumar and Nimrath Kaur starrer, found itself on the 53rd position on IMDB’s “highest rated drama films” list.  Set in 1990, it speaks about the conditions of Indians during the Iraq invasion in Kuwait.

Pather Panchali


Satyajit Ray’s movie which was also part of the Apu trilogy, Pather Panchali depicts the childhood of Apu and his elder sister and the harsh village life of their poor family. It was featured on The Village Voice top 250 “Best Films of the Century.”

3 Idiots


Yet another Aamir Khan starrer found itself to be included in IMDB’s “top 250 movies of all time” list. It takes an off-beat and fresh look at the lives of college students.

Nayakan (also spelt Nayagan)


This Tamil crime drama was based on the real-life Bombay underworld don Varadarajan Mudaliar, and sympathetically depicts the struggle of South Indians living in Bombay. It was listed on Time magazine’s “All-Time 100 Movies” list.

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