The art of ‘screening’ it right!

Film post-production is not just about the editing, sound design, VFX and DI processes. It is the workflow at the end of the above processes that if got right, makes ‘all the’ difference for the screening of a film in the theatre; more than ever in today’s era of Digital Cinema where technology is … [Read more...]

Vividh Ashok: “Never underestimate the power of Marketing”

There are two things in life: Something you are good at and something you want to do. Finding the perfect union between the two is what is going to take you further in life. Read on to know what else our MMBA student, Vividh Ashok had to say about his internship at Annapurna Studios for the … [Read more...]

The top 5 ways to market your short film

Here are 5 simple ways to make sure your short film gets all the attention it deserves. … [Read more...]

It’s a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, ad world

When brands make ads, they make it with the intention of creating brand and recall value. It works for most brands, except a few. We list the ads that make you wonder why they were made in the first place. … [Read more...]

Leveraging latex: How Durex brought safe sex into our homes without us even knowing

Durex advertisements did more for safe sex than most public service announcements, simply because they used a tonne of wit, a few pounds of irreverence, a couple of ounces of innovation, and an ocean-liner full of cool to slam their point home! … [Read more...]

Mapping the consumer and charting his psychology

Deconstructing the consumer for marketing purposes can be a minefield. Suchetana Bauri navigates it with the help of our MMBA faculty. … [Read more...]

Great Content Marketers in Disguise: Philip Bloom — Explore B2B

Content marketers that you may not have heard of — or maybe that you never thought of as “content marketers,” are the best to prove that one can achieve success where other marketing methods crash and burn, writes  Jonathan Gebauer. … [Read more...]