MMBA, A Specialized MBA for the Media Industry

A career in Media and Entertainment is indeed very promising. Want to know why? Over the next five years, the industry is poised to grow at an average annual growth rate of 11-12%​ By 2022, total employment across the industry is expected to be 6-6.5 million from the estimated 3.5-4 million in … [Read more...]

The top 5 ways to fund your film

Crowdfunding is all the rage these days, especially among young filmmakers looking to get their debut projects off the ground. Here are the top 5 players in this ‘emerging’ market. … [Read more...]

Six Essential Steps to Choosing a Media MBA

mba media

Selecting a school for a media MBA presents some challenges that students of other MBA specializations don't face. Let's say you want to apply for an MBA in finance, so you start researching schools. Easy - there are plenty of sites offering rankings of finance MBA courses… here is one, and here … [Read more...]

Why a Media MBA is better than a regular one

AISFM’s Media MBA faculty, MNVVK Chaitanya shares his view on the current status of the MBA vs Media MBA courses in India. … [Read more...]

Learn to toot your own horn: Public Relations 101

Become a public relations grandmaster with tips from K. V. Aditya is a communications consultant, who has worked with Branding and Public relations consultancies.    … [Read more...]

Leveraging latex: How Durex brought safe sex into our homes without us even knowing

Durex advertisements did more for safe sex than most public service announcements, simply because they used a tonne of wit, a few pounds of irreverence, a couple of ounces of innovation, and an ocean-liner full of cool to slam their point home! … [Read more...]

When Harry Met Sally and the art of business success

And you thought the film just taught people about romance. How a movie can be its own mini-M.B.A., asks Jane Parker. … [Read more...]

Murky deals, and unscrupulous wheelers-dealers mar Telugu film industry


Producer and guest lecturer Bekkam Venugopal talks about the changing rules of the Telugu film industry and what the future holds. … [Read more...]

How Indian films learned to stop worrying and love the Digital Age

Social media has become a powerful tool for production houses, hoping that this cheap mode of marketing can boost the chances of a film’s success. Ritika Saxena reports. … [Read more...]

Shoan Shinde offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the Art Industry

Shoan Shinde, the founder of the famous Turmeric Earth, on being an entrepreneur and the vast business possibilities of the Indian art industry.  … [Read more...]