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Baking recipes in a film’s credits. Wait, what?!

Do you generally leave the movie theater as soon as the credit starts rolling? I bet you won’t be doing that once you get through this article. Marvel and DC are famous for their after-credit scenes, but did you know that they are not the only movie franchise that do this? There have been several films, some even before the time of Marvel or DC, which have hidden gems and funny credit roles. We bring to you a compilation of films that had a hidden gem in their end credits. Here are sneaky end credit gems that you might have missed:

Pulp Fiction:

Quentin Tarantino is probably the king of movie references and self-conscious nods. Hawk-eyed credit viewers have pointed out this credit. We dug a little deeper just to make sure this wasn’t an error. The slightly smug explanation comes from the dialogue of the scene that featured Mr. Robert Ruth, the Coffee Shop Manager who finds his head on the wrong end of Tim Roth’s gun barrel. Here’s the script as it was intended…

But Tim Roth’s performance cut Ruth’s lines, and all he got out was:
“I’m just a coffee shop…”

Finding Nemo:

Pixar is famous for hiding a ton of easter eggs in their movies. Not just these, their movies always have character cameos and inside jokes. In the end credits of Finding Nemo, you will notice one-eyed cynic Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Getting around the fact that the film was set almost entirely under water, the Pixar team fitted Mike with a scuba suit for his fan-friendly appearance.


Robocop’s official anti-piracy message carries further warning than film fans are traditionally used to. Paul Verhoeven’s most famous armoured creation continues to stamp his authority beyond the end of the movie. The message here? If the copyright authorities are smart, they’ll consider hiring law enforcement droids to put an end to piracy once and for all.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

This film’s credit scene involves the magical Marauder’s Map that plays a key part in the film’s narrative. We all know that this map shows the location of Hogwarts students, and gives a hint at their activities, including, as revealed above, a pair of unnamed students apparently locked in a very close lovers’ lock in a dark corner. When they proclaimed Azkaban as a more grown up film, they obviously weren’t joking.


In Disney’s colossal hit Frozen, the lead male Kristoff claims that all men eat their own boogers. Someone working behind the scenes at The Walt Disney Company clearly felt self-conscious enough about that to include a special disclaimer, making it clear that Kristoff’s views are purely his own and are not shared by the company as a whole.

Hot Shots!:

The team behind Airplane! continued making off-the-wall comedies with the Hot Shots! The films maintained the tradition of bizarre credits, and went onto even including baking recipes. In this film, the makers give us the recipe of ‘Nobby Buns’. Side-note: The end of the credits sequence in the first film informs viewers that “IF YOU HAD LEFT THIS THEATRE WHEN THESE CREDITS BEGAN, YOU’D BE HOME NOW.”

Special Mention


We could not have ended this list with anything better. Even though this is a TV series, the snarky undertone of these credits, by the BBC franchise convinced us to give it a special mention. This credit scene basically calls us writers out for doing exactly what we did in this entire article!