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Ritika Saxena — Blog

More than just Lights, Camera, Action!

The belief that the possession of technical skills is not important for an aspiring Director needs to be shunned, says Sudhakar Vajjha, Direction Faculty, AISFM in a conversation with Ritika Saxena.

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The filmmaker, the psychologist and the dark arts

Vishal Tondon, Faculty, Liberal Arts, at AISFM, gives Ritika Saxena the complete picture of why Psychology is an integral ingredient in filmmaking and its various facets.

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Doodle your way into the Animation Industry

After seeing the large number of applicants to AISFM’s Bachelor’s in Animation + VFX course, we had a quick chat with Vivek Pandey, Faculty for Animation, about what the course entails and what skills a student needs to possess to excel in it.

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BFA students head back to the 1940s

Students from the BFA Semester 4 batch recently concluded an advanced course in Art Direction that culminated in a short film. Ritika Saxena spoke to the students at the helm of the project.

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Scriptwriting is an art that needs to be learned

Scriptwriting, as easy as it seems, has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Ritika Saxena spoke to our scriptwriting faculty, Megha Subramanian and Ashok Jankar, who gave us the low-down on why it is important to attend a film school and learn all about the art of scriptwriting.

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Spin this! The TV series born from classic parents

Heard of ‘Better call Saul’? Yes, that’s the tagline used by Breaking Bad’s criminal lawyer, and also the name for an upcoming spinoff series. Ritika Saxena picks the top spin-offs in TV history.

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The 10 things to keep in mind when composing a Press Release

There may be a tendency among PR professionals to toot their client’s horn in a Press Release, but that’s not what journalists want. Ritika Saxena tells you what you need to include if you want your information published.

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The elements of style: The skills required to be a great set designer

Ritika Saxena speaks to Padma Kasturirangan, Production Manager, AISFM. to understand the essential elements that come together to make a well-designed set. [Read more…]

Bollywood takes its movies to market, and finds a digital diamond in the traditional rough

Today movie marketing is as important as the film itself. Ritika Saxena charts the evolution of film marketing in Bollywood and finds that the battle for hearts and minds had just begun. [Read more…]

In conversation with a visual storyteller

Independent visual storyteller, Nishant Ratnakar, talks to Ritika Saxena about his journey from photojournalist to embedded wedding photographer, and what it takes to capture life’s important moments. [Read more…]