The people who rule the global animation industry

Animation is a booming industry across the globe. Ritika Saxena profiles the people who make it one of the most creative and innovative spaces in the world. [Read more…]

These jingles ring a bell!

One of the easiest ways to recognize an advertisement is by its jingle. There are times, when you forget the brand, but still hum the tune. Ritika Saxena sings along with the best. [Read more…]

Politicians find a media they love, and they’re getting social

The 2014 elections may well be the first to see the power of social media harnessed. Ritika Saxena gets social with politics and finds a digital strategy emerging. [Read more…]

The men and women who rock the ad world

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From Sheila to Munni: The fall and rise of item girls

Ritika Saxena delves into the gyrating world of item number to seek out the roots of one of Bollywood’s most enduring indulgences. [Read more…]

The men and women who run India’s entertainment industry

They lie behind the scenes, but make no mistake these men and women are where the real power’s at. Ritika Saxena profiles the giants of our entertainment industry.

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When Digital brands turn to tradition for help

While in the West, big digital brands almost never advertise using traditional media, in India the top e-retail brands are shelling out big bucks on newspaper and TV ads. Ritika Saxena reports. [Read more…]

Sibling revelry: Mapping the Bollywood gene pool

Ritika Saxena takes a look at the sibling connection in Bollywood and finds that while most work, a few others are car crashes. [Read more…]

The curious case of Bollywood’s lost starlets

Fame, they say, lasts five minutes, and in the case of these ‘stars’ the adage rings true. Ritika Saxena goes in search of Bollywood’s lost starlets. [Read more…]

The perfect formula to be a successful PR professional

Nothing comes easy, and being a PR professional is as tough a profession as you can get. But if you want to be successful at it then Ritika Saxena gives you the Ten Commandments that are essential to any PR rep. [Read more…]