Wonder packaging and the fine art of high design

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A fatal loneliness

L’Wren Scott’s suicide has once again cast a harsh light on the showbiz industry and the loneliness of some of its denizens that leads to tragedy. Ritika Saxena takes a look at those who lost the battle with fame. [Read more…]

20 in 2014!

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The story of an Utterly Butterly Delicious national icon!

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Lasts long, really long! Ting Tong!

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Thick skin and quick thinking in the celebrity PR game

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The movers and shakers of the Advertising Industry

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Bollywood’s timeless beauties who continue to enthral us

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5 PR disasters that were brilliantly managed!

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Before there were stars, there were strange kids!

Did today’s stars already have that spark that set them apart when they were children? Ritika Saxena lists the celebrities who metamorphosed from gawky kids to gorgeous adults. [Read more…]