This article is Legen-wait for it-Dary!

Tv's greatest catchphrases

Tv’s Greatest Catchphrases

To paraphrase Lord Tennysson, shows may come and shows may go, but catchphrases go on forever! Some are witty, while others are sassy but one thing is for sure, catchphrases are the make it or break it for TV shows, keeping viewers hooked on, even years after their airing. We present to you a list of such catchphrases that have etched a mark on television history.

“Hey, how you doin?”Joey Tribbiani, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

“It’s gonna be Legen-wait for it-Dary!” Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

“Doh!” Homer Simpsons, The Simpsons

“Buurn!”Michael Kelso, That 70’s Show

“Stifle!”Archie, All in the Family

“Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” Arnold Jackson, Diff’rent Strokes

“Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!”Stan and Kyle, South Park

“Bazinga!” Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

“Live long and prosper”Mr. Spock, Star Trek

“Yabba dabba doo!”Fred Flintstone, The Flintstones

“Dy-no-mite!” J.J., Good Times

“Kiss my grits!”Flo, Alice

Greatest television theme songs ever!


Each time anybody’s favourite TV show airs, the first thing most people do is sing its theme song at the top of their voice! Theme songs have a sort of magic to them that gets viewers hooked onto the show. Whichever fandom you may belong to, this list of theme songs definitely will get you going, “Omg, I love this song.” Here’s presenting the greatest theme songs of all time, television edition!


“I’ll be there for you” went on the air in 1994 and quickly became a ratings powerhouse. The theme was written by the songwriters Allee Willis and Michael Skloff. Most people think the theme was written by the band, ‘The Rembrandts’ the only way they could get the Rembrandts to do the record was if they got song-writing credit. So the song needed a bridge, and a second verse lyric. This was then written by the band. The song went on to top the charts and even now, is regarded as one of the best songs on friendship.

Powerpuff Girls

The show centers on Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three girls with superpowers, as well as their father, Professor Utonium, who all live in the fictional city of Townsville. The theme song of this series is one that every child grew up listening, and I’m sure, still remembers the lyrics to. Three CD soundtracks were officially released for the series. This theme song surely is sugar, spice and everything nice (pun intended).

The Big Bang Theory

The speedy theme song of the show, nicknamed “The History of Everything,” by ‘The Barenaked Ladies’ gives new meaning to the term “nerd rock.” After reading Simon Singh’s book ‘Big Bang: The Most Important Scientific Discovery of All Time and Why You Need to Know About It,’ lead singer Ed Robertson improvised a song about cosmological theory onstage during a show in Los Angeles. Now, to their luck, who happened to be in the audience? TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady! It has been reported that they apparently looked at each other and said, “These guys gotta write the theme song.”

The Simpsons

This particular theme song was composed by Danny Elfman in 1989, after series creator Matt Groening, approached him requesting a retro-style theme for his show. The theme won the National Music Award for ‘Favorite TV Theme’ in 2002, and has won the BMI TV Music Award in 1996, 1998, and 2003. In 1990, the theme was nominated for the Emmy for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Theme Music’.

Game of Thrones

Do you ever fast forward through series intros, saying to yourself that it’s just too long and boring to watch them every time? Well then, you must not be a GoT fan! Composed by Ramin Djawadi, the theme is simple yet rich, and shows a very cool map that changes whenever a new land is introduced into the show. “There’s so much backstabbing and conspiracy – anybody can turn on anybody at any point,” said Djawadi. “So I thought it would be cool to do the same play with the music. So even though the majority of the piece is in minor, there’s that little hint of major in there where it kind of switches and then it changes back again.”


Adam West as Batman, is probably how we remember the show during our childhood. The na na na na na na part of the lyric has become unanimous with the series, and needs no introduction in any form, so go ahead, check it out!


Dexter’s opening theme is probably the goriest and the most gruesome one on this list. It shows the protagonist going about day-to-day mediocre morning routine, but in the most cringe worthy way possible. This theme is probably the only one on the list that has such a tune which will make your skin crawl!

Addams Family

The opening title of ‘The Addams Family’ by Hanna Barbera, is one of everybody’s favourite Cartoon Network show. The unique and interesting thing about this song, which got people hooked onto it, is the part where the characters snap their fingers. Anyone who hears this MUST snap their fingers on cue. There’s no excuse! They’re creepy and they’re kooky; mysterious and spooky; they’re all together ooky, the Addams family (cue music). *snap snap*

Pretty Little Liars

Secret is a song written by ‘The Pierces’, which serves as the theme song for the show’s opening. It was suggested by one of the show’s stars, Ashley Benson who plays the role of  Hanna Marin. Recalling how it happened, she (Ashley Benson) said: “I have to take some credit here, because I was the one who brought that song to the producers and told them, ‘You have to have this as the opening credits song.’  I’m a huge fan of The Pierces – that’s the group who sings Secret – I was listening to the song while we were filming in Vancouver and I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s the best song for the show.’ “I pitched it to the producers and the creator and they said ‘Maybe,’ and it turned out to be the song. So I couldn’t be happier. It’s just so spooky and eerie, and it’s perfect for the show.”


This yabaa daba doo theme song was added to the animated series in 1995, before which the show merely had an instrumental sound. The creators made this change when the soundtrack sounded similar to a song sung by Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in one of the episodes of ‘Looney Tunes’.