AISFM Business Administration Faculty Wins Award

Our MMBA faculty MNVVK Chaitanya has won the ‘Best Twitterati and LinkedIn Connect Award’ (individual category) given by Awarding ​B​ody ASMA (Adoption of Social Media in Academia), which aims to recognize and promote the outstanding contribution of individual and academic institutions involved in … [Read more...]

Vlog, the new trend!

Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to do it differently and stand apart? Do you create videos to promote your business? Then consider starting a regular video blog or vlog (as it is popularly known). The term vlog takes off from the word blog, and a vlog is simply a blog in video form. It will … [Read more...]

A dozen tips on how to get a job using social media

Social media has made it all the more easier to find a job, and the right one at that! It connects you to the right people who can help you get your dream job. Of late, more and more companies are hiring people using social media and so are young professionals using it to find ‘the’ perfect … [Read more...]

How journalists use social media: A statistical look


Forty per cent of journalists said social media networks are 'very important' to their work and over a third said they spend between 30 and 60 minutes each day on social networking sites. … [Read more...]

Managing your social media just got easier


As social media platforms get churned out like butter, it’s getting harder to manage them all. But all is not as bleak as it may seem to your sleep-deprived brain. Here are some social media management tools that will ease your burden…until the next lot of platforms come out, at least. … [Read more...]

The giants who control the global social media network

These men are not only rich and successful, but their products pretty much govern the way you live your digital life. … [Read more...]

Bollywood takes its movies to market, and finds a digital diamond in the traditional rough


Today movie marketing is as important as the film itself. Ritika Saxena charts the evolution of film marketing in Bollywood and finds that the battle for hearts and minds had just begun. … [Read more...]

How to integrate social media into your marketing strategy

Social Media marketing is critical to the success of most businesses, but what is the best way to spend limited resources? Suchetana Bauri gives you 5 tips that will enable marketing heads to achieve cross-media synergy with social media. … [Read more...]

Politicians find a media they love, and they’re getting social


The 2014 elections may well be the first to see the power of social media harnessed. Ritika Saxena gets social with politics and finds a digital strategy emerging. … [Read more...]

How newsrooms are using social media to engage with their audiences?

There is a shift in audience patterns, which shows mobile and tablet consumption has overtaken the desktop for the first time. Suchetana Bauri looks at how the news media is targeting  social media users. … [Read more...]