Interview, what to do on the big day!


Facing an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you want to stand a chance of landing the job, you have to put your best foot forward and be well-versed about the industry, company and of course be confident. If you can communicate the value that you would bring to your potential new employer, then it will be the added advantage.

Here we share tips for you to take, before walking into an interview for your dream job, from avoiding blunders to conveying the right body language, read on to know how easy it can be to making the critical first impression.

  • Preparation:
    Research about the company and prepare yourself with important information, such as the company profile, your probable job role, how you can add value to it. You should have complete information about the company; be it the vision, mission, product or services etc. This will enable you to answer questions with confidence and in turn help you ask intelligent questions. Many hiring managers eliminate candidates because they had little or no knowledge of the company.
  • Interview styles:
    Interview styles will vary from company to company. Some of them will test you with different interview arrangements, such as one-to-one interaction or a group discussion to assess your knowledge or you could face a panel interview or even a single person interviewing you. If you are able to know the company’s usual style, it can be a great help in preparing yourself. Prepare accordingly and also be ready with creative, insightful questions and craft your personal story.
  • Be early:
    It is better to be early, and not on time. That way, you are sure to be on time for the interview and also in case you are nervous, which is very common, it will help you relax and be prepared. So be sure to leave early so that you can absorb the surroundings and remain calm. Switch off your phone or keep it in silent, non-vibrating mode, to avoid distractions.
  • Dress for the job:
    Dress properly, wear formal wear with elegant looking colours and design, maybe a plain black or a gray coat over a white shirt. Avoid loud jewellery and other accessories. Make sure that your footwear compliments your formal look, wear formal shoes or sandals.
  • Perfect your handshake:
    Give a firm handshake, it can immediately indicate your level of confidence and attitude and conveys a lot about you. Too loose a handshake shows a lack of confidence and too tight suggests dominance, strike a balance and give a firm one.
  • Be confident:
    Use confident postures during your interactions and interview sessions. As soon as you meet the interviewers, give them a warm smile, looking straight into their eyes. This will make them comfortable with you and also let them know that you are a confident individual ready to take on the job. Also acknowledge, when you are listening to the interviewer, by nodding your head.
  • Watch your body language:
    Use hand gestures when speaking and maintain eye contact. Body language is a form of non-verbal communication and can strongly tell a lot about a person. Be sure not to fidget with objects, shake legs, scratch nose etc. which are a sign of negative body language. Be calm and composed.
  • Show competency:
    Competency based interviews are the most common and it tests your capabilities in core areas such as Situation, Task, Action and Results (STAR), so be prepared and use phrases like, “The situation was…”,”Key tasks involved were…”,”I took an action…”,”The result were…,”etc. in your answers.
  • Jot down notes:
    Write down important points, while the interviewer is speaking to you. By doing so it will show them that their information is important to you, especially when the person is talking about a profile. Even your pen should look professional; choose one that is not flashy.
  • Know your resume:
    Be confident about your resume and know all the details that you have written on your resume, especially profiles and achievements. It should look professional in every way. Do not carry it in your hand, put it in a professional looking folder or file.
  • Be positive:
    Consider that you have got the job and that you are already hired when talking to your interviewer. Use phrases like, “When I start working” or “I would like to do this once I join…” Also, ask relevant questions to clarify any doubts that you might have. Prepare yourself in advance for this.
  • After the interview:
    Once the interview is done, your job is still not done. This is another critical phase of the interview process. Don’t just get up and walk away. Thank them for their time, get the email address of everyone you interview with, ask them when you can expect a decision and who you should follow up with, say you want the job. Send a follow-up thank you email to everyone you met with, later on in the day. And if you do not hear from them soon, follow up and send them another email asking for the status. This will make them remember you and create a good impression.

Be calm and steady when you go for the interview. At the end of it, it is just a discussion to get to know each other. Follow these simple rules and you are bound to be ready for the interview. Good Luck!        

Vividh Ashok: “Never underestimate the power of Marketing”

There are two things in life: Something you are good at and something you want to do. Finding the perfect union between the two is what is going to take you further in life. Read on to know what else our MMBA student, Vividh Ashok had to say about his internship at Annapurna Studios for the film Soggade Chinni Nayana.


Q: How was your experience working as an intern?

A: Since I am in my senior year of the MMBA program, I am supposed to do an internship, as a part of my program. I first thought about doing an internship at an ad agency, but then I got to know about an internship opportunity at Annapurna Studios, through the college. It was an opportunity to work in the marketing team of Nagarjuna sir’s movie Soggade Chinni Nayana, and I didn’t want to let this slip away. After joining, I realized that this job was going to be much more than just the simple nuances of marketing. They called it Marketing Publicity. My job was directed more towards coming up with ideas and co-ordination. I was also part of the team that handled the front-stage co-ordination at the film’s audio launch event. It was very nice for me to see how a live event occurs. I was also handling the ‘Making’ and ‘Promo’ videos for the film.

Q: What was the most memorable part of the internship?

A: Meetings! Imagine sitting across the table from the Executive Producer of the film, along with the likes of Gemini TV, Radio City, along with Nagarjuna sir! You don’t get an opportunity like this often. I never spoke during these meetings, but sitting in that room and listening to the ideas they came up with was the best experience for me. Also, the fact that I was given a walkie-talkie and I could call people up and give them instructions was an added bonus! The way the studio worked and functioned was amazing to experience. I will never forget that.

Q: What do you take back from this experience?

A: The one thing I’ve realized, and the one thing I tell everybody is that everyone must work in a studio at least once in their life! You can always come up with your indi-films anytime in your life, but when you work for a studio, you get to know that there are a lot of people involved in the movie making process. Unless you actually get into this, you will not be able to see how it functions. One instance was how our director was there from start to finish. He could’ve easily gone back after production was done, but he didn’t. He was a part of marketing, he was making sure everything was functioning well. Even Nag sir for that matter. Being an actor, he could’ve easily avoided being involved in these matters, but he chose not to. Being in the marketing team, opened my eyes in terms of where I can see myself in the future. This has been the biggest learning curve for me. What I had learned theoretically turned out to be so much different compared to what I experienced.

Q: Did something fun happen on set that you will carry forward with you in the future?

A: Oh yes! Gemini TV had a competition during the audio launch for the general public. The contest was done and the names and numbers of the winners were handed over to me. It was my job to call them up and inform them that they won. Now, out of fifty odd people, ten responded. Even after the event so many of the people kept calling. That was funny! Also, meeting Nag sir on a daily basis was amazing. Getting ASPL’s tea and meals is also something I will never forget (laughs).

Q: How was your experience here, at AISFM? What advice would you like to give to your juniors?

A: Oh it was brilliant! I had heard of Annapurna Studios, while doing my Media studies in Bangalore, but had no knowledge that they were coming up with a film school or an MMBA course for that matter. I was in a class of two, so I loved the personal attention given to me, with a deep level of interaction. The way they teach here is so good, and its the reason why we didn’t leave despite the small number of students. Now, me being on the verge of completing my course, I can say that it (MMBA) is the best mix one can get of management and creativity! The one thing I would like to say to my juniors is – Keep working. It doesn’t matter whether you are in production, direction, marketing or even in the camera department. Make sure you add as much experience as you possibly can in the years you spend here. College classes are important, but you need to do something beyond your classroom. Also, work for a studio at least once in your life!

Q: Where do you see yourself, in say the next five years?

A: There are several things that I want to do. In five years, I would like to see myself being the head of my media department. I know it sounds very generic, but that’s the least I would like myself to become. To be honest, I would want to work for Teach for India, do something that makes me happy. Also, I want to produce an independent film.

Aayush Agarwal: On FreshFace, Acting & the importance of Moisturizing!

Our student Aayush Agarwal recently took part in the Hyderabad Times Fresh Face 2015, and was the 1st runner-up. We caught up with him recently for a quick Q&A session. Here’s what our young star had to say!


Q: What was the first thing that came across your mind when you were crowned 1st runner-up?

A: It was a beautiful feeling. The fact that I was able to even come in 2nd place in a competition that is as vast as this one, is what made me feel happy. As far as not winning comes up, I’m okay with being second, because this is what will make me strive to come 1st the next time. It will make me work harder. That is a plus point according to me.

Q: What can we expect next from you?

A: I have a few short films that are lined up. Also, I am auditioning for another feature film where I am supposed to play the younger version of Rana (Daggubati), so let’s hope that gets through. Apart from this, I am also playing the junior version of the actor Shashank (Siddamsetty) in the upcoming film Yathartam (AISFM Student Grad Film). Shashank has won a Nandi Award, so that’s a big honour for me to be able to work in the same film as him.

Q: How did you come across this competition and what were the things you underwent during the hunt?

A: Clean & Clear goes to several colleges and has auditions in their campus. I, however, was informed about it by my friend that there were open auditions being held at Inorbit Mall, in which anybody could register. That’s where I auditioned. I acted in the 1st round and cleared it. There were about 1000 students at this level. In the semi-finals, 20 of us were shortlisted. Designer Ganesh Nallari took us shopping and gave each one of us a makeover, so that was fun! He also choreographed the ramp walk that each of us had to do in the finals. A quick introduction session along with a talent round then happened, which determined whether you are a finalist or not.

Q: What did you do for the Talent Round?

A: I acted and danced. I performed on the song Aala Barfi (Barfi) and proposed to the judge Regina Cassandra at the end of it (laughs). Then I transitioned into acting by saying the dialogue from Pyaar ka Punchnama. I had three minutes for my entire performance, so fitting all these elements and making sure I’m doing it all right was a challenge for me.

Q: What is the secret behind your Clean, Clear and Fresh face? 🙂

A: (laughs). The secret is that I use my Clean & Clear facewash followed by a moisturizer. On a serious note, I know where I want to go, and I know I need to have this if I want to move forward. I need to take good care of myself if I want to get into this field. So yes, that’s my secret!