Certificate in

Film Acting

Encompasses acting skills, personality development, improved body language, voice modulation and communication skills into a single program.

Learn film Acting in a studio.

Develop techniques that connect the mind, body and soul, and experience a personal paradigm shift of your world view

Our Acting Program’s primary goal is to motivate the participants to push themselves out of their comfort zone, to discover their hidden talent, while improving and developing their overall personality. This course is an ideal fit not only for upcoming actors, but any audience; a student, a fashion model , RJNJ, an employee, a senior project leader, an IT professional, a housewife, a senior citizen, just about anyone!

Key Takeaways

  • Empowers to become presentable & effective

  • Shine in social & work environments

  • Kindles sense of humour, a team-building skill

  • Improved body language

This course prepares the students to perform with ease for the camera as well as for a live audience.

Emphasis will be on the dynamic acting techniques of the world renowned acting trainer Michael Chekhov. However, we make it a point to adapt these techniques to the Indian cultural context and languages, for , art is universal, but expression can be culture specific. Our goal is to prepare actors for the Indian film Industry with an international caliber.

Key Takeaways

  • Participants will learn how to work with a director and co-actors, for all type of character roles, which prepares them for their future professional film shoot environments.

  • Through dialogue coaching, students will get confidence in speech, articulation and communication skills in all walks of their life.

  • Techniques will be taught to connect your physical self to the psychological self, which increases self-awareness.

  • Utilise the gifts of your own unique personality and create your own identity as a professional actor.

  • Participants get to study in a fully functional, 22 acre working studio.

  • Participants get exposure to industry standard production facilities and technology.

  • Participants hone the essential actor qualities of observation, concentration, relaxation and imagination to expand the limits of the actor’s creativity.

  • Participants achieve a balanced, centered, aligned and relaxed physical posture which pays off both in your performance and in any social setting.

  • A video recording of the student’s scene work and monologues is given as a demo reel, along with a portfolio of headshots.

  • Upon successful completion of the course, students get a permanent listing on Annapurna talent database.

  • Invitation to AISFMers only events like Master Classes from Bollywood and Hollywood experts, during the course.

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