Certificate in

Advanced DSLR

A short 6-Saturdays course which can help you add a touch of magic to your photography.

Learn DSLR Photography in Film Studios.

A short 6-Saturdays course which can help you add a touch of magic to your photography.

Our trained faculty introduces aesthetic theories of art & photography which make a huge difference in the pictures you take. You’ll learn technical skills transforming your pictures into visually stunning images. Through expertly mentored analysis of your work every step of the way, you’ll take home, professional standard portfolio.

Learning Objectives

  • Detailed settings and creating unlimited options.

  • Importance of framing and rules of composition

  • Reflectors and strobe lights

  • Understand how to use simple flash and reflectors to create better images.

  • Understand concept & process for creating a professional portfolio.

  • How to capture window portraits.

  • Timelapse, HDR, multiple exposure & light painting

  • Aesthetics and design elements of photography

  • Basic editing in Photoshop and Lightroom

This course is for the students who are already familiar with cameras and know their basic usage.

This short course, spread over six Saturdays, will develop the creative and technical skills necessary to capture visually superior images, both still and motion, on digital cameras. The course will also teach students to critically evaluate their own and other photographers’ work.

Note: We recommend that students use their own digital DSLR camera so that they become familiar with their own equipment. Cameras may be provided on rent for students who don’t have their own. Please inform the admissions office at the time of submitting your application whether you will require a camera.

Key Takeaways

  • Use of reflectors and strobe lights.

  • The students will understand how to use a simple flash and simple reflectors for everyday purpose to create better images.

  • Students will be taught the aesthetics of photography, rules of framing and composition, besides various technical aspects.

  • There are two field trips that the students take to get familiar with shooting in different environments.

  • Students will understand the concepts for capturing images for portfolio.

  • How to capture window portraits are explained.

  • Different styles of photography such as Time-lapse, HDR, multiple exposure and light-painting.

  • Aesthetics & design elements of photography.

  • Basic editing in Photoshop and Light room.

  • For their final assignment, the students will create a portfolio which will include pictures taken by them during the course and present the same at a photo exhibition.

  • Students get to study in a fully functional, 22 acre working studio.

  • Students get direct access to industry standard production facilities and technology.

  • Students get a permanent listing on Annapurna talent database.

  • Students are provided with a lively, vibrant and professional environment to learn and grow in.

  • Invitation to AISFM events like Master Classes from Bollywood and Hollywood experts.

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