Certificate in

Film Acting

This course prepares the participants to perform for the camera and a live audience as well.

Emphasis will be on the dynamic acting techniques of the world renowned acting trainer Michael Chekhov.

However, we make it a point to adapt these techniques to the Indian cultural context and languages, for art is universal, but expression is culture specific. Our goal is to prepare actors for the Indian film Industry with an international caliber.

Learning Objectives

  • Increased confidence, ease and comfort with presence before the camera, live audience or in an audio recording environment.

  • Increased confidence in speech, dialogue and communication skills in all walks of life.

  • Techniques to connect physical self to the psychological self, which increases self awareness.

  • Increased flexibility, strength and endurance of physical apparatus

  • Utilize the unique personality and create own identity as a professional actor
  • Hone the essential actor qualities of observation, concentration, relaxation and imagination to expand the limits of actor’s creativity
  • Ability to achieve a balanced, centered, aligned and neutral physical posture which pays off both in performance and in any social setting

Course Description

  • The course introduces the students to the art of acting from a scientific perspective
  • It helps the student to develop an awareness of actor’s preparation, a sense of performance as an exploration of human psyche through various exercises depicting psychophysical connections
  • Students will participate in various unscripted acting exercises, scripted monologues and scene work
  • Through rigorous practice under the mentorship of our faculty, students get a control over their physical and vocal presence on camera and with a live audience
  • They will learn to do in-depth character analysis with the script, from an actor’s perspective
  • Students will work with a director and co-actors, preparing them for a professional film shoot environment

Key Takeaways

  • A video recording of your scene work and monologues as a demo reel
  • A portfolio of head shots
  • A life membership in the AISFM Talent Database which opens doors to unlimited ongoing campus auditions by various directors in the future
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