Certificate in

Fundamentals of Filmmaking

Students learn what goes into structuring a compelling story and translating it into a moving picture.

Learn Filmmaking in a Film Studio!

The most fascinating art and craft of today’s times is Storytelling on screen!

We are surrounded by stories that pull us in and create a lasting emotional & aesthetic experience. But how do they work? Our trained and experienced faculty will walk you through the process of how filmmakers blend art, craft, language and technology to enthrall millions of audiences. By the end of the course they will have an overview of the entire filmmaking process — from concept to finish. This course provides hands-on training in all areas of professional filmmaking at an introductory level.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to technical aspects of film making

  • Fundamentals of visual storytelling

  • Developing a short film script

  • Pre-production of the short film

  • Casting

  • Fundamentals of Direction

  • Fundamentals of Cinematography

  • Fundamentals of Editing and sound design

  • Project: Making a 5-minute Short Film in groups of 4-5 students

Many AISFM graduates are now working in the industry with leading filmmakers and production houses.

This course introduces aspiring filmmakers to the craft of film and television production and the art of creating a visual narrative. Additionally, this course will prepare the students to work as assistant directors at a professional level and help them enter the film and television industry as qualified professionals.

Key Takeaways

  • Students of this course get to make a Short Film for their practical work by the end of the course.

  • Basics of Screenwriting, Cinematography and Editing are taught.

  • Basics of Sound – recording, dubbing and mixing are outlined.

  • Introduction to Adv. Filmmaking and Documentaries is taught.

  • This is a unique course, which comprises of all aspects of filmmaking in a nutshell.

  • Students get to study in a fully functional, 22 acre working studio.

  • Students get a permanent listing on Annapurna talent database.

  • Students are provided with a lively, vibrant and professional environment to learn and grow in.

  • Invitation to AISFM events like Master Classes from Bollywood and Hollywood experts.

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