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The schedule of this course is designed for participants who may be working or studying full time.

A good story well told is the key to make an emotionally compelling & engaging movie.

Often scriptwriting is mistaken as the easiest of the filmmaking process. Hence, many films with flawed scripts have failed to connect with the audience.

‘Where to begin?’ is the question. At AISFM, we are offering a course for novice writers. Our screenwriting faculty is trained in scientific & aesthetic methods of storytelling, structuring a script for the screen. On completion of the course, you can take home a tool kit of principles of screenwriting. The schedule of this course is designed for participants who may be working or studying full time. This course runs on Saturday afternoons for twelve weeks.

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying the Theme and Premise of your story

  • Structuring the story: Linear and Non-linear narratives

  • Importance of an effective beginning, engaging middle and satisfying end

  • Plot Construction

  • Developing the Treatment & Step Outline – Writing powerful & authentic dialogue as per character & genre

AISFM is committed to offering the best educational experience to you and learning in a working film studio, you’ll get a taste of real working world.

The course enables them to identify acts, plot, structure, genres and implement them in their writing.

  • A project oriented training in screenwriting
  • Mentoring participants through lectures
  • Classroom exercises
  • Film viewings & analysis

Key Takeaways

  • A unique syllabus — rigorous hands on training in screenwriting that uses both theoretical and practical approaches for better understanding of the craft.

  • Participants get to understand the intricacies of story structure in world cinema, with a view to adapt those techniques to Indian context, enrich their writing.

  • Participants will learn the art of storytelling for the global audience in various genres.

  • Participants will learn to write a complete screenplay, and use it as a writing sample to demonstrate their learnings to the industry.

  • The only weekend course developed especially for people who are working or studying full time.

  • Participants get to study in a fully functional 22 acre studio which would give them exposure to industry standard production facilities, technology and also helps in networking with industry professional.

  • Participants get a permanent listing on Annapurna talent database, the participants can get entry into the”Writers hang out “or intern at the “Script lab”. During their training period participants are invited to AISFM’s special

  • Events like Master classes from Bollywood and Hollywood experts, panel discussions etc.

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