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Ranjit’s carrier spans 26 years of professional photography out of which about 20 years has been in teaching! He started his teaching career with NIFT Kolkata, where he taught for eight years and since then he has travelled to many design colleges like NSHM, BITS, Lakhotia, Roop Kala Kendra, BILAMS and IICD where he does a stint with crafts and pottery design students every year. Ranjit wanted to be a fighter pilot but then a freak cricketing accident changed the course of his life and brought him into the world of imaging.

Ranjit has been working with issue based imaging and design. His work Positive Lives in collaboration with Sapphire Creations Dance Workshop of Kolkata and David Gere at UCLA is a 36 min amalgamation of Dance and imagery, which talks about Stigma reduction in HIV+ve people. Funded by the Elton John foundation and the Richard Gere foundation this piece has travelled to most of Europe, India, Sri Lanka, South East Asia, US and is slated for the Africas soon.

Ranjit believes that Visual Imaging is an integral part of design. This belief has prompted him to diversify as an exponent of Design Integration, where he creates different levels of communication by amalgamating visuals, graphics and text seamlessly!

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