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First, with world-class infrastructure. The 22 acres of Annapurna Studios, with shooting floors, sets, and post-production facilities form the campus of the Annapurna International School of Film + Media. We are also building another 1 lakh square feet of classroom and teaching space.

Second, with top education professionals. We searched India, and the world, and found a team to manage the school to the standards of the world’s best universities.

And finally, with an open, inclusive and transparent operation, run as a non-profit entity.

We have not created this initiative for ourselves. We have created it for the entire media industry, for India. This inclusive approach excites us, because it means that you and anyone you know can join us as partners in the great cause of education and the exciting world of media. And it excites us because Annapurna Studios, like every other production company in India, struggles to hire trained, professional staff.

We need actors. We need writers. We need production and technical staff for both film and television. We are dramatically scaling up our business, with new ventures and new productions. We have the space. We have the facilities and equipment. We need to find trained talent.

We believe that the Annapurna International School of Film + Media provides the talent pipeline that Annapurna and the industry needs.

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