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Major in Direction and Script Writing

Give Form to Your Own Idea. A screenplay forms the blueprint- it is the stage after which all other aspects of filmmaking come into being. While the script determines the logical outline, it is the Director who gives it the required form.

This program is best suited for Students who have strong writing skills, are aspiring to be independent filmmakers and are keen to learn the nuances of filmmaking process; specifically the key elements of impactful scriptwriting required for Films, Television and other Media Platforms.

This learning when blended with formal training in Film & Media Direction helps students to truly write and make a Film of their choice.

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Major in Direction and Production

A Producer is the one who oversees film production. He/ she is involved in all stages of the film project – conceptualisation to execution. Typically, producer manages the business side of the film project; while the director manages the creative side.

Most Filmmakers today don many hats by working in different departments. For example, it is entirely possible that a person who has specialised in Production, starts off on a project as an Assistant Director. Hence, the learning of skills associated with both Direction and Production- across the gamut of Film, Television and Digital Media gives our students a strong foundation.

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Major in Direction and Cinematography

Cinematography empowers the storyteller with the magical skill of visual portrayal. Cinematographers excel in the use of light and movement. They can turn a dull, uninspiring image into a moving piece of art, with the help of perfect lighting, composition, framing and digital color correction in post-production.

This program offers comprehensive mentoring in the craft of Directing as well as the art of Cinematography. The course will help you achieve your dream, of assisting a renowned director or cinematographer, which will gradually pave the way for you to take up independent projects.

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Major in Direction and Editing

A great editor knows how to piece together the thousands of images and sounds that are captured during production to create an emotionally driven and captivating film. This program helps students learn the craft of editing and provides them with in-depth training and exposure to various applications for cinema, television, new media and other emerging formats.

The students are taught with extensive hands-on practical exercises and a clear explanation of concepts, along with an analysis of their application in Cinema. The curriculum aims to hone their technical skills and, build speed and agility of their analytical and problem-solving capability.

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Major in Direction and Sound Design

A sound designer needs to develop excellent knowledge and techniques in recording, mixing, and special effects in order to create unique and interesting sounds. Nowhere have the trends and technology evolved faster than in the sound industry. A sound designer needs to develop excellent knowledge and techniques in recording, mixing and special effects in order to create unique and interesting sounds.

This program helps you tap into your skills in music and enhance it by learning the finer techniques of sound recording, sound design, sound post-production, sound mixing etc. A dual learning in Direction and Sound Design will help students in applying the aesthetics of sound for filmmaking- a much needed skill in Indian Film Industry.

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