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Why? Because undertaking a master’s or MMBA degree gives you two years to explore, to learn and to create. Of course, the practical skills that you develop will allow you to jump straight into the industry. But far more important than these practical skills is the creative, theoretical and academic mastery over your subject, that you can only achieve with a real master’s degree rather than a certificate or diploma course.

The Annapurna International School of Film and Media offers master’s and post-graduate students an academic experience that is unmatched in India.

master in film + media

The filmmaking specializations at AISFM (MA) give students the chance to combine technical film and TV training with a broad liberal arts program.At AISFM students learn important filmmaking skills, and practise them in a professional,working environment. There is no film career which is..

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master in mass communication
journalism + pr

The AISFM school of Journalism and PR offers aspiring journalists and public relations professionals the opportunity to learn the art, craft and science of communication. We teach you to think critically and to use the latest research and communication tools to create and distribute powerful content for print, TV and digital channels.

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master in graphic + multimedia design

The AISFM School of Graphic and Multimedia Design provides groundbreaking programs that bridge the worlds of traditional art and technology. Our master’s degree allows students to explore a wide range of creative fields while building hands-on skill sets for the world of digital media.

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master in photography + digital

Many prospective students ask, “What is an MA in Photography?” This is a master’s degree designed to help photographers refine their expertise in order to succeed in this creative medium.Our Master’s program allows students to become proficient in technology, aesthetics, composition, and technique.

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