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technical & production facilities

Annapurna International School of Film + Media is located inside Annapurna Studios, one of India’s largest and best equipped film and TV production facilities.

For students, this is an incredible advantage. On any given day, the 22 acre campus of AISFM hosts multiple film, TV and advertising productions, and students regularly visit these sets as part of their course work. Shooting locations throughout Annapurna Studios include sound stages, permanent outdoor sets, and stunning outdoor locations. Additionally, Annapurna Studios offers world-class post production facilities.

1. Five non-ac sound stages, each between 10,400 and 12,800 square feet
2. Five ac sound stages, each between 10,200 and 14,800 square feet
3. Dozens of stunning outdoor locations
4. Permanent sets, including a modern luxurious house and a traditional village

1. iMac computer lab, with FCP and Movie Magic
2. AVID Editing Suites
3. Two dubbing theatres
4. Cintel Ditto 4K film scanner
5. Mistika 4K DI suite

1. Brand-new classrooms with the latest av equipment and acoustic treatments
2. 100 seat preview theatre with 35mm and digital projection
3. 100 seat lecture hall, located inside a historic shooting floor
4. Conference rooms
5. Cafeteria
6. Campus